These days I am traveling from campus to campus teaching college level courses on the Bible and theology. Blending academic rigor with an engaging classroom teaching style, my desire is to teach and equip the next generations with the original New Testament vision and Jesus-shaped ethic to more winsomely engage the 21st century church and culture. I am on the adjunct faculty at:

  • Bethel University, St. Paul
  • University of Northwestern-St. Paul
  • Crown College, St. Bonifacius
  • North Central University, Mpls
  • Solid Rock Discipleship, Long Prairie

“He took his disciples and held classes daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus from about 11am-4pm… Proclaiming the Kingdom of God and teaching about Jesus with all boldness and without hindrance” (Acts 19, 28).

I hold a doctorate degree in New Testament context from Northern Seminary, and Masters degree in Theological studies from Bethel Seminary. My doctoral work with Scot McKnight focused on wisdom and pedagogy in the ancient world, contributing a chapter on pastoral letter writing to Wise Church: Forming a Wisdom Culture in Your Local Church (2021).

Courses taught:

  • Intro to the Bible
  • Christian Theology
  • New Testament History & Literature
  • Christian Eschatology
  • Christian Ethics & Worldview
  • Historical Jesus
  • God, Evil, & Spiritual Warfare
  • Revelation for Today

My faith was ignited in college thanks to the impact of my Bible professors. I hope I can give my students what my professors gave to me.