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A Graduate Blessing: Live A Love Song

I wrote this blessing for an outstanding young Christian graduate and musician friend. But it is a good challenge to all. -JB Dear young Christian graduate, As you graduate from high school and prepare for the chapter of your life (“adulthood”), allow me to offer this blessing and […]

New Study on Teens & Technology

A repost from 2010. Things have only gotten worse! -JB Albert Mohler, Jr. reports on a significant new study released by the Kaiser Family Foundation on teenagers and technology HERE The study states: As anyone who knows a teen or tween can attest, media are among the most […]

Constantly Buzzed: Teens & Technology

As the school year wraps up, I’m reminded of my youth pastor days. Here’s a repost from 2009.  I’m typing this blog from my laptop while text messaging, checking my email, listening to my Ipod, updating my Twitter and sipping an iced mocha. I’m totally wired and buzzed […]

Two by Two 1: He Sent Them

In this series we’ll be picking apart this episode in Luke 10 piece by piece, exploring what it looks like on the road to discipleship in the company of Jesus. “The Lord now chose seventy (-two) other disciples and sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns […]

Worship at the Altar of Self

Here’s a repost from 2009. Enjoy! -JB “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself.” -Jesus As fall stares tired youth pastors in the face, weary from summer trips and fun-in-the-sun adventures, we try to take a deep breath, grab a mini vacation before ramping up […]

CNN: “Is Monogamy Realistic?”

Originally posted October 2009. -JB The following paragraphs are taken from  This issue is not going away and the slide toward the normativity of sexual promiscuity is only growing steeper by the day.  How can Christ-followers show the world the beauty of God’s design for monogamous sexual […]

Warning: Explosion Hazard

I was standing on the dock putting gasoline into the boat the other day.  I happened to read the bright yellow warning sticker as I slowly poured the 5-gallons into the tank.  The sticker read: WARNING: Leaking fuel is a fire and explosion hazard.  Inspect fuel system often.  […]