Share Your Writing at Daily Illumination

Wanna write for Daily Illumination?  Do you have something you've already written elsewhere and want to share with the DI audience? Consider becoming a Luminary today! What's that?  Webster defines it this way: lu•mi•nar•y |ˈloōməˌnerē noun ( pl. -naries) 1 a person who inspires or influences others Daily Illumination welcomes guest contributors, or luminaries, to submit writings to be featured at DI on occasion.  We welcome a … Continue reading Share Your Writing at Daily Illumination

“The Cosmic Dance” by Greg Boyd

The Cosmic Dance by Greg Boyd (forthcoming) Since we're on the theme of the cosmic dance, here's a fascinating project by Greg Boyd, one of my biggest influences and favorite teachers.  Get ready egg-heads!! "Christus Victor Ministries is working with an artist, page designer and photographer to create The Cosmic Dance. Using funky art and creative photography, the … Continue reading “The Cosmic Dance” by Greg Boyd