What Keeps Me Awake? Pt. 3

I worry we’re preaching the love of Christ while ignoring the wisdom of Christ. I worry we’re raising up a generation of Christians shaped by the shallow and spineless gospel of the Beatles: “All you need is love, love, love.” Yet, take away wisdom and all you have a bunch of “foolish lovers” driven along by fluctuating emotions and trendy causes. Love must be accompanied by wisdom. Wisdom guides us to love rightly.

What Keeps Me Awake? Pt. 2

What keeps me awake at night is wondering if all of my pastoral efforts are actually producing disciples. Are we just keeping people busy with programs and gatherings, or are people being gradually (and imperfectly) formed into Christlikeness? I felt Paul’s exasperation lately over his beloved church when he wrote, “Oh, my dear children! I…

What Keeps Me Awake? Pt. 1

Every Christian should want to know what keeps their pastor awake at night. What is his/her greatest longing and burden for his/her congregation?  I’ve been asking myself this question a lot as I prepare for the next year at MainStreet Covenant Church. It’s year seven or so in the life of this church. The excitement…

Where Thou Dwelleth?

Like the angels ascending and descending on Jacob’s ladder, the person who “abides” or “dwells” in Jesus by faith will experience the grace and peace of God ascending and descending in our lives on a regular basis. We’ll experience grace as Heaven’s promises descend into our valleys of despair and need. We’ll experience the “peace that surpasses understanding” as our faith leads our hearts in worshipful ascent to where we are seated in heavenly places and given a God’s perspective on things (Eph 2:6-7). 

Climbing Mount Everest (Psalm 119)

We don’t think attaining “the blessed life” has any correlation with faithful obedience and diligent devotion! If Jesus was obedient for us, then we can lazily float away our days on a inflatable lounger in the pool of cheap grace.

QUOTABLES: Karl Barth on Theology

“Of all the disciplines theology is the fairest, the one that moves the head and heart most fully, the one that comes closest to human reality, the one that gives the clearest perspective on the truth which every disciple seeks. . . . But of all disciplines, theology is also the most difficult and the…

QUOTABLES: Luther & Prideful Writing

“If you feel or imagine that you are right and you suppose that your book, teaching, or writing is a great achievement . . . then, my dear man, feel your ears . . . . You will find that you have a splendid pair of big, long, shaggy ass’s ears.” -MARTIN LUTHER