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Melting Anxiety Webinar

Pastor Bill Johnson is leading us through a 4-part webinar on Friday nights. We are exploring Bill’s 4-part process for melting anxiety in our lives. If you missed or want to revisit the great teaching, here’s the audio for PART TWO.   Join us next two Friday nights at […]

Get Your Life Back

I want to share a new book and group study to consider offering “Everyday Practices for a World Gone Mad.”  We live in soul-scorching times. The 24-7 onslaught of contemporary life—with its never-ending feed of global tragedies, demands for our attention, and pressures of work, family, and friends—has […]

Learning to Swim in Your Faith

Images abound for our tendency to settle for less than the best. “Failure to launch.” “Cold feet.” “The boat is still in the harbor.” “She needs to spread her wings to fly”—and sometimes you need to kick them out of the nest before they’ll ever try.