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Q&A – Do all religions lead to God?

Question: Don’t all religions offer different paths to the same ultimate reality or destination?  Aren’t all religions equally valid sources of spiritual truth and salvation? Answer: The Bible is very clear that Jesus is the pathway to coming into a saving relationship with the Creator God.“I am the way, […]

Q&A – Can Someone Lose their Salvation?

Our youth group grappled with the tough question last night: “Can someone lose their salvation?”  We discussed both sides of the issue while presenting some of the Biblical evidence on each side.  The Reformed tradition is quite firm on their doctrines of God’s “Unconditional Election” of certain individuals […]

Greg Boyd Q&A: God & Tornados

In light of the recent John Piper interpretation of the Minneapolis tornado, Greg Boyd hosted a Q&A centered around the debated concept that God might be behind the natural disasters in the world…as well as other related questions from the congregation.  Well worth checking out links below! LISTEN […]