A Plea for a Fuller Gospel Vision

Let me preface the following post by stating how important I feel it is for Christians to be open-minded and unafraid to generously engage and learn from people of differing viewpoints.  I am a better person and a stronger, more committed follower and teacher of Biblical Christianity precisely because I allow my convictions to be … Continue reading A Plea for a Fuller Gospel Vision

Is Evangelism Child Abuse?

I have updated my original post (see italics) and added a direct quote from iMonk. Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, has a post this week entitled "Is Evangelism Child Abuse?"  He is responding to the newest attack on religious people and leaders -- the view that attempts to evangelize and convert people (especially young teenagers) is … Continue reading Is Evangelism Child Abuse?

SINKING (3): Patching Leaks #1 – Culture Christians

In my previous post I suggested today's youth culture can help remind us what really distinguishes a healthy church from a sick, diseased or dying church: "Are the individuals who make up that church authentically regenerated, committed followers of Christ whose lives bear outward evidence of the inward sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit?"  Teens … Continue reading SINKING (3): Patching Leaks #1 – Culture Christians