Dandelions: A Modernized Parable

When Sarah was a little girl, she loved to dance and twirl barefooted across the soft green grass of her childhood home and feel the soft blades in between her toes. One day she noticed a small solitary yellow dandelion growing up amidst all the green and thought, “How beautiful!”

And she danced and twirled away thinking no more of it. When she returned sometime later, the dandelion had multiplied and spread across the entire lawn until the soft, green grass was completely overrun by the invasive weed. She was sad.

When Sarah was much older, she discovered a small lump on her skin but thought,  “It’s probably nothing.” And went on her way and thought no more of it.

When she visited the doctor some time later she discovered it was cancer and had now spread throughout her entire body and it was too late to stop the invasive…

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Imagine a World: Treasure Seekers (Matt 13:44-46)

We gathered at the beach for our annual baptism service and potluck. Always a highlight to preach in the open air with the lapping waves and morning breeze coming off of Lake Minnetonka. I resisted making mention (this time!) that just a few hundred yards down the shoreline Bill Bright housed the Campus Crusade headquarters … Continue reading Imagine a World: Treasure Seekers (Matt 13:44-46)