Breaking News: Man Caught Being Faithful (#MeToo)

The focus of this new season of Advent is to beg God to intervene (“come down”) in our sin-stained world and rescue us from the filthy mess we’ve made of this world and our own lives. One huge mess being paraded past us in the headlines daily is the flurry of sexual harassment allegations against very public figures.

Sermon: ‘Faces Downcast’ to ‘Eyes Opened’

Sitting around that table the hidden face of God suddenly becomes visible. The stranger becomes a dear friend. The empty hole in our heart is suddenly filled. The darkness is vanquished by piercing light. Hope is resurrected to dance a jig on the corpse of Despair. At that table the lump in our throat is replaced by an irresistible burning in our heart.

Don, Dad & Me

“Lord, I hope this day is good.” -Don Williams (1939-2017) These are lyrics from a Don Williams song that has snuck its way into my morning drop-off routine with the kids. Somedays its the Lord’s Prayer, other days a blessing or psalm. Last week I was teaching them Psalm 143 as a morning prayer: “Let…

Immigration Reform & the Tower of Babel

I wrote this piece 10 years ago! In light of the latest DACA decision and ongoing conversation, I want to repost this today. As a pastor I do not believe its my place to tell folks how to vote on complex political issues, but I am called to help folks think biblically about such matters….

Total Eclipse of the Son

  “Why do you stand here looking into the sky?” Acts 1:10 Yesterday was the highly anticipated Total Eclipse across the United States, and many found themselves staring up into the sky expecting to be dazzled. Millions of people interrupted their normal routines, stepped out of their places of work, and looked up at the sky….

Ekklesia: A Radical Social Experiment

My heart breaks for our country and world today. Racial inequality, deep seated mistrust, increasing violence and boiling hatred fill our headlines daily. I write this in the aftermath of the horrific white nationalist rally and car crash in Charlottesville. Followers of Jesus must denounce such evils clearly and in the strongest terms. (Read  statement from…

‘Love Your Neighbor as Your Dog’

Strangely enough, it started with the popularity of our local Westonka “Dog Days” celebration. Everywhere I drove around our small community I saw red yard signs in proud pet owners’ lawns making it clear to all residents and visitors of our city: “We love our dogs!” The event, now in its 7th year, is a…

Political Fervor & Christian Apathy

This is a timely repost from about 2011 when MainStreet was just getting launched. It was during another local election season where people were passionately campaigning for and against a school referendum. You can sense my urgency and deep burden for our local community.  Regardless how we vote on November 8, may we vote Jesus leader of our lives…