Category: MainStreet Stories

Amanda’s Story

MainStreet is a church is worth investing in because they are meeting people where they are and helping them move forward with Christ. MainStreet is small, but they are mighty, and I am just one story. Without MainStreet my story would have been very different.

2020 Vision Sunday

What an amazing privilege to lead a community where lives are being impacted! Just came across this video from a while back and wonder what new “impact stories” we’ll be sharing in the near future. Been thinking about checking out MainStreet sometime? This Sunday, November 3, is 2020 […]

Shannon’s Story

Shannon’s first time at MainStreet was attending her 36-year old brother’s funeral. Few words were exchanged that day but I (Jeremy) could tell she was weighed down by more than brother’s passing. I ran into her sometime later and she informed me that she was going into treatment […]

Galen’s Story

We heard a quiet knock on the front door. It was snowing and the steep and treacherous driveway was nearly impassable. We had almost cancelled our Lifegroup gathering that night due to weather, but decided to meet just in case God had special plans for the few people […]

Nancy’s Story

MainStreet has made such a huge impact on my life since I’ve been participating the last 2 years. We are a close knit community that strives to live life as Jesus taught. Pastor Jeremy is really a shepherd in the true Christian sense. With transparency, a strong faith, and the […]

Jericho Inn Church

A powerful way to approach the Scriptures is for a person and/or community to settle down into a story or passage long enough for it to begin to work its way into you. Some texts burst into your life like fireworks and neon lights. Others quietly sneak into […]

Bonnie’s Story

This Thanksgiving season we’re celebrating God’s work among us. Here’s Bonnie’s story. I cried after my first visit to MainStreet, mainly because I knew immediately that God had something special in store for me with this family of believers.  My time at MainStreet has deepened my faith and […]

Tina’s Story

She’s always bringing sweets to share. Maybe it betrays her own sweet tooth, but I think it reveals a sweet and giving heart. Yet, the story of how Tina started coming to MainStreet is much more bittersweet.   I (Jeremy) heard the sad news on a snowy February […]

Tony’s Story

We’re GIVING THANKS for lives impacted at MainStreet this past year! This is Tony’s story: For a long time I was hardcore cynic who didn’t find any value in the church. I walked away from faith in college. I mainly saw hypocrisy in the church and had never […]