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Selfie Spirituality

We are focusing on Christ as Wonderful Counselor this week. God’s plan for passing on his wisdom and guidance to others was to give His Spirit of Wisdom and insight to people who in turn share this wisdom with others. Who are the wise guides you turn to […]

Letters to a Godson

When I began a doctoral degree in New Testament context a couple years ago, I never would have guessed my thesis topic would end up focusing on the role of “Letter Writing” in spiritual formation. Well, here I am reading all kinds of ancient, medieval and contemporary letter correspondences, […]

Fighting Demons (Mike Fox)

LECTIONARY REFLECTION | LUKE 8:26-39 In Western society the scientific method has been the standard for separating fact from fiction, truth from lie since the 1500s.  For the last 500 years, anything that can’t be demonstrated in a controlled, repeatable experiment must not be true.  Religion, faith, and belief […]