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Kings Rise and Fall (Skye Jethani)

In many parts of the West, Christians find themselves being pushed to the periphery of power and influence after centuries of privilege. Fear, anger, nostalgia, and retaliation are not how Christ’s people are to respond when their circumstances change or their cultural authority is taken away.

This is the Way (Skye Jethani)

Dominionism, and the Christian nationalism it has spawned, are antithetical to the cross. It is a false gospel and those who preach it have their minds set on the things of man (fear, power, and control) and not the things of God (faith, hope, and love).

Pure Thanksgiving (Skye Jethani)

Beneath the surface, sometimes even hidden from our own awareness, may lurk a more manipulative intent behind our gratitude. The believer sometimes thinks — If I offer these prayers, if I give these sacrifices, and if I show my gratitude for past blessings, then God will bless me again.