QUOTABLES: On Singleness

"One of the few clear differences between Christianity and Judaism is the former’s entertainment of the idea of singleness as the paradigm way of life for its followers. . . . Singleness was legitimate, not because sex was thought to be a particularly questionable activity, but because the mission of the church was such that … Continue reading QUOTABLES: On Singleness

Immigration Reform & the Tower of Babel

I wrote this piece 10 years ago! In light of the latest DACA decision and ongoing conversation, I want to repost this today. As a pastor I do not believe its my place to tell folks how to vote on complex political issues, but I am called to help folks think biblically about such matters. … Continue reading Immigration Reform & the Tower of Babel

Beyond a Moral Tipping Point?

From 6:4 Fellowship: While many Christians are relieved to see a conservative victory in the recent elections, it changes very little about the current moral state of our nation and the effects of the moral revolution we have seen over the last decade. Pastor and author, John S. Dickerson, forecasts the moral future of our nation … Continue reading Beyond a Moral Tipping Point?