Category: Ethics & Morality

The Middle Path to Civility

I aspire to be a broad-minded person with strong convictions. I hope to inspire and cultivate this rare combination in those I teach and lead as a pastor. I fall short of this ideal daily, but we’re at least aiming for the right goal. Why is this a rare […]

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

LECTIONARY REFLECTION | Psalm 119:97-104 In  1983 a shaggy haired rock ’n roller John Cougar Mellencamp released a new ditty called “The Authority Song.” The song captures the rebellious spirit of a teenager railing against authority figures who, in his mind, love putting people in their place and […]

Racialized Religion

This past year of doctoral studies for me has been focused on two related topics —  1) Slavery in the Ancient World and 2) Race & Ethnicity in the Ancient World — both with an eye to how grasping the ancient past can help better inform our Christian […]

QUOTABLES: On Singleness

“One of the few clear differences between Christianity and Judaism is the former’s entertainment of the idea of singleness as the paradigm way of life for its followers. . . . Singleness was legitimate, not because sex was thought to be a particularly questionable activity, but because the […]

Beecher on Corrupt Government

There’s no shortage of corruption in places of power today. So I found this warning from Henry Ward Beecher from the 1860s interesting. Though, the main illicit behavior he was attacking was leaders spending their spare time gambling at casinos. If only that were our biggest problem today. […]