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Apocalypse Now 5: Garden City

Part 5 of our Revelation series looks at the church’s call to resist the seduction of Empire and worldly power, avoiding the mark(s) of the Beast and bearing the marks of Christlike character. We should fix our eyes on the New City that will someday come down to Earth, and become a here-and-now colony of Heaven in the middle of this groaning creation.

Sermon: Apocalypse Now Part 4 – “Babylon & the Mark of the Beast”

We’ve been taught to see evil and injustice in mainly individualistic terms. The Book of Revelation confronts and exposes oppressive “cultures” and exploitative economies represented by the “Beasts” and “Babylon” and the Harlot. This makes Revelation a very timely book as we expose aspects of American society and our history that has the “marks of the beast.”

Revelation Reveals the Problem

Here’s Scot McKnight again, who is reviewing David Mathewson’s (A Companion to the Book of Revelation) on his blog Jesus Creed: Knowing who is the problem reshapes our reading of Revelation. Sometimes our history of reading a book blocks our ability to read it better. If one reads Revelation […]