The Long Journey of the Word

If you read the Book of Acts carefully, you'll discover it isn't really about Paul's (or Peter's) journey to Rome. Its a travelogue of the gospel message about Jesus! Its all about the movement of the Word from Jerusalem to Caesar's Palace. Its the long and winding road the Wisdom of the Ages traversed to get from the backwater of the Palestinian foothills into the heart of the ancient world's power-brokers and influencers. Today, we still need that Word to travel!

Acts 2:42-47 Rewritten for Today

I've been reflecting again on the community life of the first Christians described in Acts 2:42-47. We now stand 2,000 years removed from this first glimpse into the radical social experiment called 'church', and we marvel at the quality of their koinonia, or life together. I wonder what Christians 2,000 years in the future (if … Continue reading Acts 2:42-47 Rewritten for Today