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What Matters Most

We were created with an abundance of potential to do many great and wonderful things in this life. We are musicians, surgeons, athletes, dancers, artists, carpenters, writers, plumbers and more. Yet, all these titles are secondary to our primary purpose in life. And while arms and legs help accomplish these secondary roles, our greatest human purpose remains to “love God […]

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Jesus Shaped Spirituality

One of my favorite bloggers is the internet monk Michael Spencer.  I’ve been onboard with his journey through “the post-evangelical wilderness” for probably almost 2 years now.  We have much in common: both evangelicals seeking a more holistic, ancient, missional, theologically open-minded, Jesus-shaped spirituality.  I would highly recommend my southern-accented Kentucky brother to you all as you carry on your […]

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Better in Koine

If we’re all honest with ourselves we would all admit that New Year Resolutions are those lists of high ambitions we wish we would keep but usually break by mid-March…  That’s why I try to think of at least ONE attainable one to go along with the list of fat-chances.  This year my “gimme” was resuming a blog (so far, […]