Four Americas Walk Into A Bar

Image by Lucy Jones

On this week’s episode of “The Holy Post,” Phil, Christian, and Skye do a deep dive into George Packer’s recent article in The Atlantic called, “How America Fractured into 4 Parts.” Packer argues that Americans no longer agree on the country’s purpose, values, history, or meaning. Is he right? And how do Packer’s 4 Americas map onto the church?

This article has a lot of explanatory power in making sense of the sharp and growing divisions in American politics and religion. We’re not just divided by understandable differences of opinion or policies; we inhabit four different realities and starting points. Listen to them unpack the four Americas, and like me, you’ll quickly discover which bucket you fall into, and have no trouble pegging the rest of your family and friends, your in-laws and coworkers, your snobby boss and that neighbor who refuses to put their dog on a leash and drives a rusty truck with a “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker.

Oh, and while you’re at it, feel free to assign me to a group and I doubt it will be difficult. Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts on the Four Americas and how followers of Jesus should relate to all four.

Conversation begins at 16:00 mark.

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