What I’ve Been Reading, Watching, Listening to Lately

Here’s what I’ve been consuming lately. How about you? Any recommended summer reads or listens? I’m overdue for a good biography or some historical fiction. Note: If I have any sanity left, it’s because I don’t scroll or read any thing on Facebook (except for posting pics of my cute kids). Get. Off. Don’t read or pass along garbage on Facebook. I have plenty of “junk” in my media consumption, but Facebook articles are beyond junk; it’s poison.

I’ve been working on some new writing projects lately, and with my doctorate finished, hopefully more things published in the near future. Find my books here.


Gasping For Breath by David Johnson & John Busacker

The Lost World of the Flood by John Walton

The Lessons of History by Will & Ariel Durant

Exodus: NIB Commentary by Walter Brueggemann

How Not To Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor by James K. A. Smith

Why Theology? by Roger Olson & Stanley Grenz

Simply Good News by N. T. Wright

Time Out of Mind: The Lives of Bob Dylan by Ian Bell

Reading Luke by Charles H. Talbert

Evangelical Theology by Michael F. Bird

The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure by Jonathan Haidt & Greg Lukianoff

A Burning in My Bones: The Authorized Biography of Eugene Peterson by Winn Collier

The Patient Ferment of the Early Church by Alan Kreider

Immortal Diamond: The Search For Our True Self by Richard Rohr

Break Shot: My First 21 Years by James Taylor

Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter by Randall Balmer

Jung’s Map of the Soul by Murray Stein

Theology by Alistair McGrath

The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila


Kingdom Roots with Scot McKnight

The Dispatch Podcast: Clear Fact-Based Conservative Journalism

The Holy Post with Skye Jethani & Phil Vischer

The Holy Post Special Series: “Jesus & John Wayne” with Kristin Du Mez

Voxology Podcast with Mike Erre

Bob Dylan Album By Album with Ben Burrell

Ask N. T. Wright Anything

Conan O’ Brien Needs a Friend

On Script: Engaging Conversations on Bible & Theology

The Movie Proposal

Bible Project Podcast with Tim Mackie

Greg Boyd: Apologies & Explanations

The Michael Medved Show

Fate of Fact with Jon Meacham

Theology in the Raw with Preston Sprinkle

Faith Improvised with Tim Gombis


Favorite Shows:

The Goldbergs

Young Sheldon


PBS Masterpiece dramas (several)

United States of Al

The Conners

With the kids:

Lego Masters

Little House on the Prairie (old school)


Holey Moley

Amazing Race


AM830 News Talk Radio – while in the car, me and other MN farmers

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – I’m a late night junky.

Meet The Press with Chuck Todd

Take in about 15-20 minutes of MSNBC and Fox News until I throw up in my mouth


I am an introvert who LOVES going to movies by myself on occasion, and this was one of the things I missed most during Covid. Fun to be back at the theaters lately. Still slim pickings in the theaters these days, but did catch the following lately, and none of them great.

Peter Rabbit 2

In the Heights

Tom & Jerry

Finding You

And streaming at home…with 3 kids…and Disney+…too many to mention, but I’ll mention three good ones:

The Mitchell’s Vs. The Machines

Raya the Last Dragon

Luca – which is set in the Italian villages Keri and I visited in 2006. :)

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