Month: July 2021

Ethics & Morality Evil & Suffering Genesis

Waters of Wrath

Have you considered how strange it is how many soon-to-be parents decorate their nursery with wallpaper depicting sanitized scenes from a global catastrophe that claimed countless lives? We would hardly place our baby in a Hiroshima themed nursery surrounded by images of mushroom clouds in a crib with a mobile of little gas masks going round and round to put junior to sleep.

Personal Podcast

New Podcast Series: “LifeVerses”

I kicked off the series with the first Bible verse that actively snuck into my daily life, and senior yearbook photo caption! While my good buddy pledged his undying love to his high school sweetheart that wouldn’t last, I gave a shout out to God and stumbled onto a verse that would have lasting impact!


Waters of Creation

The Spirit is on the water, and the waters of chaos are no match for Him. God hovers over it all with a gracious gaze and readiness to partner with us in pushing back all the crud of life on this spinning ball of organized chaos we call Earth.