Book Release: “The Father’s Song”

With my doctorate now complete, I am spending my spare time getting some of my writings into print and available for purchase. I have just released The Father’s Song: The Divine Symphony of Scripture and you can purchase a copy in the LuLu Bookstore. Here’s a summary from the introduction:

“The Lyric became a Melody, and danced among us.”

-John 1:14 my paraphrase

My faith was ignited and took off into the stratosphere when, as a college student at Bethel University, I began to see the Grand Narrative behind all the individual books and stories of the Bible. My life’s direction was forever altered when I found myself swept up into this Story and discovered my own special role within it.

The story of the Bible sweeps and flows, builds and develops like a masterful musical composition with many movements. From the explosive energy of the opening Creation, to the somber sounds of Sin and Lament along the way, the song rises and falls (and rises again!) to a grand crescendo at the end. Leave the dissonance of the world and join the Dance of the Trinity as we learn to live and dance in step with the “unforced rhythms of grace” (Matthew 11 The Message).

For the past 20 years, I have been a pastor and Bible teacher whose primary passion is finding new and compelling ways to tell this Story, and inviting others to find their place in the action. In this little book, The Father’s Song, I combine my passion for the Bible with my love of music. One divine melody permeates the grand narrative of Scripture. In this creative overview of the Bible, we will train our “ears to hear” the penetrating God-beat at the center of redemption history.

This book also includes Shaken & Stirred,  a collection of favorite quotations I’ve collected over the years that have moved me and stirred my soul.  This makes a good graduation gift, and I have dedicated this revised version to my college students at Solid Rock School of Discipleship where I have the joy and privilege of opening the Scriptures together.

Now, books are more than words for me. They are pieces of art, and I find great joy in formatting them, choosing fonts, designing the cover, and the overall aesthetic. I wrote this a dozen years ago, but it is so satisfying to hold a physical copy in my hand and have the opportunity to share it with others who may want to purchase a copy. So, buy a copy and spread the word. Proceeds will help me bring more writings into the public. Here’s a sneak peek:

Get your copy today at and help spread the word. Check out all my books in the Daily Illumination Bookstore. Grace and peace!

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