Evil & Suffering

6-Week Course: God, Evil, & Spiritual Warfare

UPDATE: Due to Covid exposure, class will be on zoom only April 25 and May 2. Link at bottom.

We are thrilled to gather together in-person again at St. Martin’s beginning this Sunday at 5pm for a 6-week Bible course “God, Evil, & Spiritual Warfare” I will be teaching. We will explore the theme of spiritual warfare through both the Old and New Testaments. We will look at the ministry of Jesus through the lenses of two kingdoms in conflict. We’ll get to know our Enemy and his schemes with an overview of Satan and demons. We’ll explore the 3 main battlefronts where the war is either won or lost.

I have repeatedly used the word “apocalypse” to describe the events of 2020. Not in the spooky, end of the world kind of way. Rather, apocalypse is a Greek word that literally means to “reveal” or “expose” or “unmask” or “uncover” what has been kept hidden in the dark or behind the veil.

Among the many things exposed, the past year has revealed that all is not well in the world. 2020 revealed the dark side of human nature seen in corrupt politicians, violent protests in the streets, and insurrection at the Capitol. We saw systemic racism unmasked and political tribalism unhinged. Evil also came in the form of a rogue virus that has claimed over 500,000 American lives. 

Why is the world so messed up?  Where is God in all of this? What role, if any, do Satan, angels and demons play in all this? How do we face evil and suffering in a Christ-centered way? 

We want MainStreeters to attend in-person but we are planning to zoom the course for those who want to attend who don’t live in the area. Use this LINK to join class.

Bring a notebook and a pen, and an open mind and all your questions. Let’s dig into this timely topic together!

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