NEW: Audio Devotions On-the-Go

Introducing short 5-minute audio reflections on your phone to brighten your day and illuminate your path. We are committed to helping you grow in Jesus-shaped wisdom through more innovative, on-the-go discipleship resources. Subscribe or Follow!

Jesus & Easter in Film Daily Illumination Audio

  1. Jesus & Easter in Film
  2. Counting on God
  3. Good Friday Meditation: "Dark, Cramped, & Stinky"
  4. Which Jesus?
  5. Judas in the Mirror
  6. Special: The Cursed Fig Tree
  7. The Journey Home
  8. Mining For God
  9. Written on His Palms

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  1. Oh Jeremy these are so special. I love hearing your voice and listening to the wisdom you share. I know many are like me and bogged down in the fear and frustration of our daily lives during this pandemic, listening to your perspective and quoting the Bible verses we so need to hear is a joy! Thank you for your input to my daily life, you make me smile.

    • Dear, dear Cheryl – You just made my day! I have 15 years worth of writings that I hope to give a second life and reach more people with through the audio format. I’m just experimenting, but PLEASE share them on Facebook and tell others about them! I hope you find an easy way to “subscribe” so you catch each new one that drops on your phone. I plan to put out 2 or 3 each week. Blessings in Christ, dear friend!

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