WATCH: 3 Postures Toward Culture & Disagreement

“Jesus invites us into his boat (the church) and sends us out onto the stormy seas of culture, to be wise and winsome in gathering others into the boat. How should we go about this task?” -JEREMY

In this clip, Jeremy offers 3 postures Christians can have toward the culture, and 3 ways of engaging people we disagree with, urging us to resist the first two and embrace the third. Here’s my notes below:

  • Reflect Culture – assimilate, accommodate, compromise; tolerance; thinking: anything goes, relativism; orientation to time: mainly future oriented; posture: well-meaning tolerance & ignorance that leads to licentiousness and folly 
  • Reject Culture- retreat, defensive, paranoid, guilt by association, thinking: Black and white, either-or; orientation to time: looking back with nostalgia to an idealized past; posture: fear that leads to law/legalism; “amygdala theology”; = fundamentalism
  • Redeem Culture – engage, discern, “test all things and hold fast to that which is good” (1 Thes 5:21); thinking: shades of gray, both-and, complexity & nuance; listening to multiple points of view; orientation to time: looking to both the past and future; posture: humility that leads to wisdom and healthy receptivity.

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