‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ – A Kingdom Remix

Tonight we watch the clock tick-tock until we turn, turn, turn the page to a New Year and lay to rest a difficult one! One of the Scriptures in the Lectionary for New Year’s Day is Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 that the 60’s hippy band “The Byrds” made famous as they sang about the “Turn, Turn, Turning” of the seasons. 

I was inspired today to rewrite or adapt the Scripture to speak more directly to the calling of Kingdom Disciples of Jesus. So, maybe crank up The Byrds version tonight as you celebrate, and then spend some time pondering my Jesus-remix as your head hits the pillow. 

May you find yourselves counting all God’s blessings in a year where it’ far easier to count curses. Christ is Immanuel — God always with us. Happy New Year!

Kingdom Remix

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, 13

There is a time for everything, and a season for every Kingdom activity under the heavens:    

a time to be born again by the Spirit and a time to die to self,    

a time to plant seeds for the Kingdom and a time to uproot weeds of the old nature,   

 a time to kill our egos and a time to heal our souls,   

 a time to tear down injustice and a time to build unity,    

a time to weep over our collective suffering and a time to laugh at our collective folly,    

a time to mourn Death’s ongoing march and 

a time to dance outside the empty tomb because Death’s defeat is secure, 

 a time to embrace loved ones and a time to social distance and refrain from embracing out of love, 

a time to ask, seek and knock and a time to count your losses for the sake of knowing Christ,    

a time to store up treasure in Heaven and a time to throw away earthly distractions,    

a time to tear open the Heavens and let Salvation come down, 

and a time to let Him mend every broken heart and home,    

a time to be silent before God’s holiness and a time to praise Him in the streets lest the rocks cry out instead,    

a time to love our neighbors and enemies alike, and a time to hate the sin that prevents it,    

a time for making war on violence and a time for heeding the call to be peacemakers…

That each Kingdom disciple may eat and drink at Christ’s Table, and find satisfaction in all their Kingdom toil—this is the gift of God to all disciples on the Way.

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