Guest Bloggers

Rebuking the Ghost (Jonnie Goodmanson)

Jonnie Goodmanson is a Christian teacher, preacher and Holy Yoga guru at our church. She is a powerful voice leading people into a more whole-bodied life of worship. People get set free when she opens her mouth or puts pen to paper. I hope to share more of her thoughts in the future.

By Jonnie Goodmanson

An old ghost came for me today! I haven’t done much HIIT/resistance training since March dropped it’s bomb on us. Instead, I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, walking the dogs, and running with minimal resistance training peppered in. And you know what’s funny? I am stronger and more fit than I’ve ever been. Because I stopped chasing it!

But, this morning I attended a high intensity, kick your butt resistance training class. And you know whose body remembered all the times she tried to beat it up to get fit? 😲 This girl! You know whose endocrine system got a hit of the “old self” and like it? 🤔 This girl!

All the old thought patterns came back. Restricting my eating, making sure to get into classes like these 4 days a week, beat myself up, beat myself up, beat myself up!

Thankfully I am healed enough to recognize that those are lies and potholes that will NEVER bring me happiness or contentment. I will NOT worship my body.

Recalibrate. Find TRUE North. Start again. This time further ahead than last time. 

I LOVE Grace!!!

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