Scandal Follows the Sandal

Danny Evans is a modern-day psalmist and spoken word prophet with a message for this moment. His mission is to erase division, and awaken people to the love that can cover the multitude of societal sins that are beguiling us. Danny is a gift to our church (MainStreet) and his words pour forth from a sincere, God-soaked place.

Like all the greatest artists, Danny’s gift has been (and continues to be) refined and hammered out in the crucible of his own personal struggles and break throughs. I’m proud to call him a friend and fellow pilgrim on this journey through the badlands of a broken world and toward that Eternal City where all our forward-looking poetic aspirations will someday fade in the light of the Presence of the eternal present.

Until that day, we preachers and poets are left fumbling with human words in hopes of painting pictures and pointing others to the Word become flesh. Let us wield our words wisely. Here’s Danny’s latest:

Scandal Follows the Sandal

by Danny Evans

Scandal Follows the sandal.

Here’s why Straight from the Big Guy In the sky.

He brings us these messages that are opposite

from what’s hurled To us from the world.

Being cruel Isn’t cool.

Shame Is a sham.

Sometimes to suffer Is better than having a buffer

Because it produces endurance And resilience.

Let us dissipate Hate.

In the dark of night We must be a spark of light.

We must forgive In order to live.

Let it be spoken It’s okay to be broken.

Finally, scandal Follows the sandal

Because He states that grace Runs the human race.

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