Racial Justice

Conversation #1: History of Post-Civil War Racism

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We are asking every MainStreeter to watch/listen and participate in these 4 important conversations. There are two main ways you can “show up.”
  1. WATCH / LISTEN to the Sunday and midweek messages on your own.
  2. GATHER & DISCUSS these messages together at our two upcoming “Campfire Talks” on Wednesday, June 17 at 6PM and Sunday, June 28 at 5PM at the Berg’s.

Conversation #1: The History of Post-Civil War Racism in America | Phil Vischer

This episode was eye-opening for me, Jeremy, when I first heard it. I am embarrassed to admit I wasn’t familiar with “redlining” laws. I was not aware of the racial dynamics behind the War on Drugs. I was ignorant of the sobering statistics around incarceration in America. My eyes were opened to things I have never needed to consider. I hope it does the same for you as well. 

Slavery ended in America with the stroke of a pen in 1865, but the 13th Amendment didn’t end institutional racism. Not even close. Phil Vischer (Veggie Tales) and his law professor brother Rob taught a class that touched on the Black Lives Matter movement, asking and attempting to answer the question, “Why so angry? Isn’t racism over?” From Reconstruction to Black Lives Matter, we take a look at the last 125 years of race relations in America! Conversation begins at about 18:00.

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