In all my years of ministry, I have rarely put more time and “heart” into a service or event than I put into creating this special Easter experience. During these days of isolation I really wanted to bring our church together on screen by featuring as many MainStreet faces and voices as possible.

Watch the special “Live” on Facebook and interact with viewers in real-time at 10:30 AM, or watch at your convenience below.

I spent some time wandering through cemeteries in the cold wind and snow, trying to hold my camera steady with frozen fingers. In just 5 days I collected, trimmed, spliced and edited down 130+ video clips from dozens of people all over the world and overplayed with a music soundtrack!

We have 3 special worship offerings, several faith testimonies, two MainStreet Kids features, rap poetry, and more! Most of all, we have good news of resurrection spilling out everywhere in this video including my sermon entitled, “Who will roll the stone?”

Thanks to all who contributed to this special Easter service we will not soon forget! For the techies out there, I used only my iPhone and the iMovie app to complete this entire project! So, enjoy and Happy Easter!



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