Coronavirus Outbreak

Sunday Sermon by Tony Evans

Here’s a sermon to consider for this Sunday, March 28, as we don’t have a MainStreet service this Sunday. We are planning to put out some kind of pre-recorded service and sermon for the next couple Sundays (Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday) alongside our live and interactive Wednesday night gathering.

This message spoke to me on a few different levels. Though I want to be clear that I don’t believe God “creates” and “sends” viruses per se. I do believe God can and does withdraw his protective hand at times, and allows the destructive powers of this fallen creation (including viruses) have their way for a time. This is what Tony Evans calls God’s “passive wrath” in this sermon.

That issue aside, I think we need some real preaching in this moment — a getting back to the basics of the faith and our need to turn toward God with renewed vigor and commitment. This message is a good and timely reminder.

On a personal note, I was convicted by his statement, “This is no time for sermonettes, but real ‘Thus saith the Lord preachin.” I have been putting out several 5 minute “Daily Sparks” throughout the week and haven’t done a full sermon for a couple weeks. These sparks are intended to be more “inspirational” than formational teaching. We need both — especially right now.

So, while I will continue the Daily Sparks for a while, I’m itching to share fuller Sunday sermons in the coming weeks as well. Stay tuned.

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