In 2020, I will be curating and sharing Christian content for those who want to be shaped more by the life-changing message of Jesus and less by the life-draining media of the culture around us. In the end, some will come drink of the Living Water while others will keep drinking polluted water out of broken, man-made cisterns.

Parents: These are difficult days to raise children, and unfortunately we can’t even rely on our parents and grandparents to guide us — since the smartphone has changed EVERYTHING despite being introduced only a dozen years ago. But we still are given the high responsibility of seeking wisdom on behalf of the precious children under our care. We dare not fall asleep, or escape to social media, on the job!

Here’s a great and urgent message by Skye Jethani filled with Scriptural wisdom touching on the key themes of the smartphones and the rise of mental illness and suicide rates, the role of fathers in our search for identity, and our proneness toward placing our security and significance in things other than God.

MainStreet Parents of kids 10 years and up: Please consider watching this with your kids as a family this Sunday as we do not have services until Jan. 12.

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