We are focusing on Christ as Wonderful Counselor this week. God’s plan for passing on his wisdom and guidance to others was to give His Spirit of Wisdom and insight to people who in turn share this wisdom with others. Who are the wise guides you turn to daily for insight and truth to live by? One of my wise guides is Skye Jethani whose daily devotional I subscribe to. Here’s some sage wisdom for Tuesday.

By Skye Jethani

I stopped for lunch at the Mall of America before catching a flight at the nearby Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. Being a school day the mall was relatively quiet and there were no rabid packs of teenagers roaming the stores. What I did notice while enjoying my bowl of ambiuously ethnic fast food were lonely shoppers taking selfies. One or two I might have dismissed, but during my lunch, I saw the creation of a dozen smartphone self-portraits. One young woman in a knit beret walked past me. Her gloomy face transformed when she raised up her phone. She smiled, tossed her hair, and tilted her head as if saying, “Isn’t my life great?!” But once the phone clicked her frown returned.

Some say social media and digital technology are making us narcissistic. I’m not so sure. If you recall from Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection. He was captivated by his own beauty. Like him, our culture is self-obsessed, but I suspect it’s driven more by self-loathing than self-love. We don’t crave the affirmation of strangers on social media because our lives are so great, but because we know they are not. The person we snap with our phones and present to the world is not our true self, but the self we wish we were—smiling, hair tossed, and happy.

This tendency applies to our spiritual lives as well. Scripture tells us that Moses hid behind a veil because he didn’t want the Israelites to see his true appearance; he didn’t want them to know that the glory of God radiating from his face had faded away. Selfie spirituality causes us to present a false veil of godliness or religiosity and hides the inglorious truth about our lives.

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 12.45.02 PM.pngIn Christ, however, we find the freedom to remove the veil. We no longer have to hide. We do not have to hate who we really are. Through the gospel, we discover a truth our culture desperately needs to know: You are loved by God as you are, not for what you pretend to be.

Listen to the Holy Post Podcast hosted by Skye Jethani and Phil Vischer(creator of Veggie Tales). This is my #1 favorite weekly podcast. -JB


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