Do you ever feel like your prayers are ending up in a vacant building somewhere with no one there to respond?

A couple years ago I decided to hit record on my iPhone microphone during my 5 minute walk down and up our long driveway to get the mail. I was trying to find little glimpses of God in my everyday life, and pass them along to my small congregation for their edification (and entertainment!). This spawned a very short-lived experiment with my “Mailbox Podcast.” Here’s one mailbox reflection on prayer, as we wrap up a week of posts on prayer. (BTW – I found this image hilarious!)

Before listening, please note that I reference the powerful scene in Acts 7 where Stephen is being killed for his faith. In his last moments, he offers up prayers to the Heavenly Throne where he does NOT find Christ “not at home” or sitting somewhat aloof in disinterested regal glory. While almost all the references to Christ’s Heavenly reign show him “seated on the throne,” Stephen sees here Christ “standing at the right hand of God” (Acts 7:56), hearing his prayer, and actively interceding on his behalf. One commentator notes:

In this scene, as the church experienced the first (of many) to die for faith in Christ, Luke wanted his readers to know martyrs do not die alone — as if out of the gaze of their Savior. Christ was not only present at the right hand of the Father, but he also was (at least in Stephen’s case) standing to receive his faithful servant home (Life Application Bible Commentary, pp. 126-127).

Now enjoy my silly comparison between an unreliable pizza shop and the always reliable heavenly throne of our God in this mailbox reflection on prayer.

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