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James Faulkner & Apostle Paul

We recently postponed our showing of this film at MainStreet. This story makes me want to reschedule that movie night even more!  -JB



Actor James Faulkner, who starred in one of the most successful faith-based movies of 2018, has opened up about being filled with the Holy Spirit during filming. “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” which was released in March of last year, took $23 million at the box office, far exceeding commercial expectations. Faulkner, who played the Apostle Paul, starred alongside Jim Caviziel, who famously portrayed Jesus in Mel Gibson’s 2004 epic, “The Passion of the Christ.”

“It took me on a journey,” Faulkner told The Christian Post of his biblical role, noting that he was spiritually renewed by the whole experience. “My wife was amazed at the difference in me. She said, ‘If only you can be like this all the time. It’s fantastic, you’re filled with a completely different spirit.’”

“I was imbued with the spirit of Paul and I found it transforming,” the British actor shared in an interview with the Catholic News Service.

Upon reflection, the veteran British actor, who trained as a chorister at the Royal College of Church Music, believes this change was the work of the Holy Spirit.

“Jim [Caviezel] is a devout man, whereas I’m Anglican light,” he joked. “But I have some questions myself as a result of playing Paul and I view the world differently and my fellow human beings differently [now].”

Caviezel, who is a committed believer himself, had been praying that Faulkner would experience the presence of God during the intense filming process.

“I prayed for James in ‘Paul: Apostle of Christ.’ I [recently] read an interview where he [James] said, ‘I didn’t play Paul, He played me.’ That was my prayer [for him] — that he would, and he did, and he became him,” Caviezel explained….

“Do I have more humility? Yes,” he [Faulkner] said in an interview with Catholic News Agency. “Do I have more love for my fellow man? Yes. Is there a possibility of redemption even for myself? Yes, there is.”

“I hope I can hang on to a bit of Paul,” he added in an interview with Catholic Digest. “It opened me up, made me a lot more patient, a lot more loving, and a lot more forgiving. I would hope to cling on to the major personality traits of Paul. I don’t want to go back to being a terrible, old authoritarian barking orders at people.”

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