Shannon’s Story

Shannon’s first time at MainStreet was attending her 36-year old brother’s funeral. Few words were exchanged that day but I (Jeremy) could tell she was weighed down by more than brother’s passing. I ran into her sometime later and she informed me that she was going into treatment to get sober. I promised to pray for her and offered to come visit if possible. 

Months passed and as Shannon picks up the story, “I was coming out of treatment, rebuilding my life and heard MainStreet was doing baptisms in a week or so.” Over lunch Shannon shared how God had helped her get sober and was present with her during treatment. “I have an undeniable communication with God,” she says. 

After her baptism she says, “I felt this peace and calmness I have really never experienced before. Jeremy showed me a Scripture that explained why I was feeling this new kind of peace, once again proving to me that God was working in my life.” 


We just celebrated with Shannon her 1-year of sobriety at our Lifegroup gathering where Shannon is attending our class on “Grace-based Parenting.” She is one of the 42% of single-parent households who attend MainStreet, and like others, she is finding a new family and support network to help her continue rebuilding her life in the power and love of Christ. Yay God!

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful” (Col. 3:15).

We simply could not continue reaching and serving people like Shannon without the financial support of our mission partners. Thanks for investing in our mission! Donate online here.


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