A Desert Prayer

I need to drown again in the regenerating waters of my baptism. I’m drowning on the world’s air and gasping for water this week. I preached about abiding in the Christ on Sunday, and have spent the entire week making sand castles in a God-forsaken desert.

What is that I hear? Is that the voice of one calling out in the desert? Yes, it beckons me to “Rise up O weary soul” and “Make straight a path for the Lord!” “Repent, Jeremy, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord” (Acts 3:19).

My portal into these “times of refreshing” (is there a better phrase in all of scripture?) is John’s mystical language and invitation to “abide” in Christ. Yes, let me jump into those waters of divine love and presence and be washed and refreshed! Let me be carried by its soul-restoring current.

Leon Morris once said, “The Gospel of John is like a swimming pool: shallow enough that a child may wade and deep enough that an elephant can swim.” I’m a weak child with an elephant’s burden this week. Let me both swim and drown in John’s deep profundity and impenetrable mysteries this week! Let me drown every remaining morsel of my old nature that continues to pull me toward rivers of ruin and deserts of despair. O Good Shepherd, lead me beside still waters and to green pastures.

Make me receptive to your pruning.

Make me soft clay in your hands.

Wring me out and plunge me like a dry sponge into your living waters; let me soak you in and become saturated with your divine presence.

I’m the prodigal far away from the Father’s abiding presence. I’m famished and longing for home. Come running to me, Prodigal Father. Put me on your shoulders and celebrate my return! Let me abide in your house forever.

Or, at least today.

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