A Desert Prayer

I need to drown again in the regenerating waters of my baptism. I’m drowning on the world’s air and gasping for water this week. I preached about abiding in the Christ on Sunday, and have spent the entire week making sand castles in a God-forsaken desert. … More A Desert Prayer

QUOTABLES: Dallas Willard

The question of the evangelist should be: “If you don’t die tonight, what are you going to do tomorrow?” And the answer should be: “I’m going to trust Jesus with all my life, with everything, and that will allow me to live in the Kingdom of God.” -DALLAS WILLARD

God’s Lazy River

John describes his experience of Christ — his faith — as far more than a collection of beliefs. He sounds like he’s completely immersed in God-reality, floating on a lazy-river of Christ-awareness, and being swept up in the easy, life-renewing currents of Trinitarian Presence. … More God’s Lazy River