Only the Slow will Reach the World (Peter Scazzero)

By Peter Scazzero “You are concerned about many things. Only one thing is needful.” -JESUS Instead of highlighting The Fastest Growing Churches, I recommend we highlight The Slowest Churches, i.e. those that help us most to slow down and pay attention to God, ourselves, and others. When our churches continually remind our people that “only one thing … More Only the Slow will Reach the World (Peter Scazzero)

Redeeming the Time, Orbiting the Son

I’ve been reading the Old Testament prophets lately, and that may partially explain why this post has a sharper prophetic edge to it. In 2 Timothy 4:2, pastors are called to “Preach the word…in season and out of season” and that preaching sometimes involves “rebuking” as well as “encouraging with great patience and careful instruction.” … More Redeeming the Time, Orbiting the Son

Cross, Atonement & Paul Peter Waldenstrom

“Oh! How dear and precious to your heart you will find God to be when you thus behold him in Christ. Because in Christ you have the true manifestation of him.” P. P. Waldenstrom (1838-1917), Swedish Covenant Pastor & Theologian I’ve been exploring the meaning of Jesus’ death and atonement theology recently. We just watched … More Cross, Atonement & Paul Peter Waldenstrom