‘Sweat Evangelism’ in Post-Christian America

I was on a bike ride a while back and I saw something that has become a cultural movement. In the center of town on the public lawn of the Transit Station/Parking Ramp was an outdoor fitness bootcamp happening. Now everyone knows that fitness is an American obsession these days. Gym memberships and fitness classes … More ‘Sweat Evangelism’ in Post-Christian America

Apocalyptic Literature: 4 Views

How does one approach reading and interpreting the strange, other-worldly Book of Revelation? Here’s a short introduction and overview of the four main approaches often used.  INTRODUCTION Interpreting Revelation and other apocalyptic literature, like any specific genre, demands its own set of prescribed rules.  Yet, when we approach the task of shedding light on the mysterious … More Apocalyptic Literature: 4 Views