FREE DOWNLOAD – The Father’s Song: The Symphony of Scripture

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.16.34 PMThe Bible can be an intimidating book to get a handle on. For starters, its not actually a book (singular) but rather an entire library of 66 books written over many centuries by various authors in varying historical contexts, for various reasons, employing very different literary genres.

Yet, amazingly for those who put in the effort and begin to learn the terrain, eventually a grand overarching plot emerges from the pages, bringing together all the various puzzle pieces into one harmonious whole.

I remember the first time I began to glimpse the “Big Story” behind all the individual stories of the Bible. It was incredibly exciting to begin to connect the various threads through the OT and into the New Testament. (Here’s just one attempt to trace the major movements of the Old Testament as A Story in Search of a Conclusion.)

However, today I want to share how some years back I began an exploration of the big Story of the Bible using the metaphor of ‘divine symphony’ I called The Father’s Song. I recently brought that little project to a conclusion (finally) and want to offer it as a eBook (PDF) for those looking for a fun, “sweet-sounding” overview the biblical story. Please check it out HERE.

Here’s the Table of Contents and introduction:


1—Dance of the Trinity (God)—7

2—The Song of Creation (Creation)—13

3—Cosmic Dissonance (Sin)—17

4—One Man Whistling (Election)—23

5—Masterpiece in Stone (Torah)—31

6—40 Year Band Rehearsal (Moses)—37

7—Before American Idol (Saul)—43

8—Singing the National Anthem (David)—49

9—Israel’s iPod (Psalms)—57

10—Elevator Music (Judges)—63

11—Country Break-up Songs (Prophets)—69

12—More Than Sheet Music (Jesus)—77

13—Dancing Together (Church)—83

14—Wedding Dance (Revelation)—95


One divine melody permeates the grand narrative of Scripture. In this creative overview of the Bible, we’ll train our “ears to hear” the penetrating God-beat at the center of redemption history.

The story of the Bible sweeps and flows, builds and develops like a masterful musical piece with many movements. From the explosive energy of the opening of Creation, to the somber sounds of Sin and Lament along the way, the song rises and falls and rises again to the grand crescendo at the end.

Leave the dissonance of the world and join the Dance of the Trinity as we learn to live and dance in step with the “unforced rhythms of grace” (Matthew 11 The Message).

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