Star Tribune Column on E.A. Skogsbergh

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-10-28-08-pmCurt Brown has a nice tribute to one of my spiritual heroes in his Star Tribune column this Sunday. He kindly reached out to me during his research and mentioned my website on the life and legacy of Erik August Skogsbergh. Curt Brown’s tales about Minnesota’s history appear each Sunday. Enjoy!

Swedish pastor Erik August Skogsbergh blended zeal, appeal

Curt Brown | December 17, 2016

Without bothering to look, thousands of Vikings fans will plod past a red-stone fortress of a church today on their way in and out of U.S. Bank Stadium. At nearly 130 years old, First Covenant Church still stands on the corner of Chicago Avenue and 7th Street South — a long punt from today’s Vikings home game against Indianapolis.

When it comes to magnetic superstars and improbable late-game drives, the old church’s narrative rivals anything that might occur across the street in the new football palace.

Built in 1887 as the Swedish Mission Tabernacle, the building’s 2,500 seats made it the largest meeting hall in town. Dwarfing the wooden livery stables and other humble structures of the neighborhood, the 107-by-107 square foot castle was the brainchild of a wildly popular, Swedish-born preacher and zealous converter of souls named Erik August Skogsbergh.

Read full article here.

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