A Thanksgiving Letter

Here’s a fun blast from the past. I wrote this to our Launch Team and supporters a before we launched into weekly worship services. God has continued to pour out blessings and grow this church. A fun look back!


Dear MainStreet friends,

On the eve of Thanksgiving 2011, Keri and I have much to be thankful for.

The past year has been perhaps the most difficult and most satisfying year of our lives.  One year ago, I was unemployed and scrambling to raise seed money to start planting MainStreet. We had just found out we were pregnant, and my superhuman pregnant wife had picked up a second job at the mall for the holidays, while going to school two nights a week, trying to keep our bills paid. I was working day and night casting vision and gathering support , but was discouraged I couldn’t provide financially for my family.

Our small Launch Team was a bit tired and discouraged moving into Christmas wondering where we would find enough people to move our mission forward. A year ago we were just beginning our relationship with Excelsior Covenant and it would…

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