Cabin 09: It Just Keeps Going

As the party died down and people began to disperse, Jesus offered me a tour of the Father’s cabin. “Now, as you probably already know in my Father’s house there are many rooms,” he said tongue in cheek.

I chuckled as he quoted himself again. “Yes, I’ve heard.”

As I mentioned earlier, the cabin was by no means large at all. On the outside it appeared to be a one and a half story with a footprint not more than 40 ft x 30 ft. I would guess it was maybe about 1,800 square feet inside at most. But I was in for another surprise.

Like a guide at the Vatican, Jesus began the tour: “The Father’s cabin is meant to demonstrate the Mustard Seed Principle at the heart of the Kingdom of God. At first glance it looks small and ordinary from the outside — like a mustard seed. But when you enter in you will begin to discover an ever expanding reality with an unlimited number of corridors to walk and fascinating places to explore. Come and see!”

We walked down a long hallway with nine 6-panel doors — five rooms on the right and four on the left. Each door had a wood plaque naming the room. The first plaque was inscribed with the word Love. The next room was called Joy. Then Peace, Patience and Kindness. On the other side of the hall were the rest of the 9 character traits of the so-called fruit of the Spirit. We reached the end of the hall, and where I expected the house to end there was a large windowed atrium leading to other wings of the cabin — each wing marked by its own wooden plaque over the entrance.

One wing was called Discovery. Next to that was the Healing wing. I heard sounds of kids laughing coming from the Recreation wing. Next to that were two french doors doing a poor job of containing the sweet aromas and the sound of clanging forks on loaded plates in the Dining wing. I think I heard seagulls and the rushing waters of waterfall coming from the Nature wing. The wing we had just left was called Kingdom Character.

This cabin just keeps going!  It keeps getting bigger! It never stops!  Just when you think you’ve reached the end of it, there’s even more more!  

“Just like the Father’s love,” Jesus answered my thoughts. “Our beloved Apostle Paul had just had this same tour before he wrote that beautiful prayer to the Ephesian church:”

I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge–that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:17-19).

“Are there more rooms in each wing?” I asked.

“Come and see.”

We entered the Discovery wing and there was a hall that went on forever. Room after room each labelled with the marvels that awaited behind each door. Literature. Space travel. Sciences. History. Mysteries revealed.  

Then we entered the Recreation wing to find doorways to Field Sports, Outdoor Life, Gardening, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Beach Destinations, Entertainment, and my favorite door — Golf Destinations! 

Jesus briefly showed me the Healing wing as well where I was met by the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen coming in and out of the rooms. I had never met them and yet I felt as though I knew them (and they knew me) better than my own family.

“Ministering Spirits,” Jesus said. “You know, angels.”

I saw rooms named Reconciliation, Physical Healing, Emotional Wholeness, True Identity, Sexual Wholeness, Renewed Minds and more.

As I tried to catch my breath, Jesus continued the tour, “All these rooms are gifts from the Father above. No rooms are off limits. The Father created everything to be enjoyed and shared. You will never exhaust the riches he has lavished upon his children.”

I don’t have time to name all the wings and rooms I passed by. But I noticed one room missing and so I asked, “Jesus, where is the Worship wing? I’m assuming that there’s special rooms for prayer, singing, reading scripture and worshiping together?”

“Ah, yes, a common misunderstanding. The separating of the sacred from the secular, the religious from the ordinary was a tragic human folly and far from the Father’s mind.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“All aspects of life are meant to be acts of worship. Worship is not doing so-called religious things in a religious building at a special set-apart time each week. The purest form of worship is to live every moment and do every activity under the sun with gratitude to God and in a way that honors Him.”

“Didn’t Paul say something similar?” I asked.

“Yep, he nailed it in Colossians 3:17:

And whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him (Col. 3:17).” 

“Or, one of your contemporaries has paraphrased Romans 12:1 well:

Take your everyday, ordinary life — your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life — and place it before God as an offering (The Message). 

Jesus continued, “So, you see that fishing can be worship. Eating can be done for the glory of God. Caring for the Earth, expanding your mind through education, writing books, designing and building things, teaching, washing dishes, making music or mud pies. It can all be done for the glory of God and for his redemptive purposes.”

Even sex? I wondered, forgetting about the mind-reader for a moment.

“Sex! Yes, sex is one of the greatest activities to be offered with reverance and care for the glory of God. A husband and wife offering themselves wholly to the other and becoming one in mind, body and soul, is a sacred picture of the deep intimacy and oneness shared among the Trinity, and the intimate oneness God longs to share with all people.”

“Point taken,” I said as I made another mental note to guard my thoughts in the presence of Jesus. But Jesus laughed at this thought, too.

I was giddy with excitement and overwhelmed at the infinite number of opportunities awaiting me. Where to even begin? Which room did I need to explore this weekend? How exciting Heaven is going to be!

“Heaven?” Jesus said. “Oh, you don’t need to wait until Heaven to begin to explore the treatures of the Kingdom! It’s already available to you everyday — well, space travel has a way to go I suppose.”

“So, I can access these rooms back home even now?” I asked.

“Well, yes, we’ve just made them a bit easier to access here at the Father’s cabin. But the entire earth is the Father’s home, a spectacular atrium to the sky full of exciting doorways into a deeper experience of Kingdom Life in all its variety.”

I pondered his words. My mind was overstimulated and Jesus knew I had enough for one day.

“Don’t worry, Jeremy. As you have now seen for yourself, my Father’s house has many rooms. But rest assured, its not your job to find the right one for this weekend. As promised, I have gone ahead and prepared a place for you.”

I sighed with relief.

“So, come and see.”

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