Tiger vs. Jesus – Crowd Control

For my fellow golf fans! The Ryder Cup is being played down the street from me. Here’s a post from 2009 when Tiger Woods was still near the top of his game and chasing the PGA Championship nearby. This was also written years before the well-known Christian book was published called “Not A Fan” by Kyle Idleman.

This time I scored free tickets and was able to go to Hazeltine National for a practice round and see the top 24 golfers in the world up close and personal. Record crowds again…even for the practice rounds…though not swarming Tiger. Tiger Woods is vice-captain of the US team and his golf cart drove within 10 feet of me. :)  “GO USA! USA! USA!”


“A huge crowd…trailed after them… swarms of people who had heard the reports and had come to see for themselves. He told his disciples to get a boat ready so he wouldn’t be trampled by the crowd… Now everyone who had something wrong was pushing and shoving to get near and touch him” (Mark 3:7-10 The Message). 

pga_g_woods_sq_300The 91st PGA Championship was held this past week only 12 miles from my doorstep at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota. As a huge golf fan this was reason for excitement.  I even went a bit out of my way to drive past the course all week to and from work to feel a bit closer to all the fanfare.  I was proud of the enthusiastic support we Minnesota golf fans showed this week.  In fact, the enormous mobs that showed up to cheer on the players was one of the ongoing…

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