Nocturnal Summer 4

For fun I’m reposting a summer series from 2010 from when I took a paper route while trying to get MainStreet started. Enjoy!

Almost every night on my paper route this past summer and fall, I would stop into Super America for junk food and pop.  Don’t tell Keri.

Richard is the cashier for the graveyard shift, and we actually worked together back in high school at the local nursing home.  He remembered me, and we would spend ten minutes of bantering every morning as I purchased my Mountain Dew and Snickers.

Richard is a baseball fanatic.  We would shoot the breeze about the Twins and he would tell me about his recent road trip to Chicago to see the Twins at White Sox.  I came to discover that Richard has a unique hobby of buying official MLB score books and scoring old games.  He mentioned the desire to have the chance to score all the games of the 1991 Twins World Series.

As “luck” would have it, I happen to have all of those 7 games recorded off the TV on VHS tapes — old commercials and all!  So, Richard and I began this fun little thing where I would drop off one tape for him to watch and score, and then when he was done, I’d exchange it for the next game.

It’s February, and it’s time for me to get him game 6.  Unfortunately, I don’t get out to SA after midnight these days.  Those who remember the ’91 series realize how cruel it is to leave Richard waiting for game 6 and 7!

But these are the kinds of relationships that are fun when you are starting a church and trying to invite others into community.  I hope to invite Richard to join our LifeGroup sometime in the future — as soon as I feel like making a midnight walk to Super America. Richard is also someone I would never have come across had I not been driving the lonely streets of Mound all night on this paper route.

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