Nocturnal Summer 3

For fun I’m reposting a summer series from 2010 from when I took a paper route while trying to get MainStreet started. Enjoy!

We live in a busy, noisy world.  Sadly, much of the noise is self-induced as we constantly fill every potential silence and solitude with our iPod, a television, radio or constant activity on Facebook, cell phone and texting.

I think one of the best aspects of working an overnight paper route this past summer and fall was the quiet, peaceful world I would experience all night as the tired masses of humanity slumbered all around me.  No cars on the street.  No people walking around. Just darkness, quiet and solitude.  I loved it.

My heart rate would slowly go down during the night.  It was a calming four hours (when the weather was good!).  It was good for the soul.  I got to thinking: “You know, I bet the peace and quiet that can only be experienced at 4 a.m. in our world, was the way it always was in more simple times — for most of history.”

An 8 hour trip through the country side in a horse and carriage without any music. A quiet evening reading by candle light in the frontier days without TV or radio in the background.  Sitting on the front porch swing on the prairie with crickets providing the sound track and the moon and stars providing the big-screen entertainment.

Technology has given us a lot.  But it has taken a lot from us as well.  (See my article “The Constant Buzz of the 21st Technopolis”)

I dream of quieter days ahead for our world.  How can I regain those hours of peace and calm without giving up my nights and sleep?


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