Planting for the Future

We are currently adjusting from being a homeowner to now being a landowner. We now know the difference between having a house in town and owning some acres in the country. For one thing, there’s much more to maintain! Trees, leaves, lawn, landscaping, driveway, and more.

We are LOVING it. Especially these first days of spring in our new abode on Applegarden Rd.

We had an amazing weekend weeding, mowing, and planting new trees that came in the mail from the Arbor Day Foundation. I took some pictures of Isaak, my helper, that turned out great. At the end of a good long day we had 10 holes dug, 10 trees planted and backfilled with mulch.

Then we had a special family tree planting ceremony. We saved the last tree to plant up by the house under the big window so we can watch it’s progress from inside over the years. The boys came out in their jammies, along with Keri and Abby, and we planted it together. Then we sat in a circle around our new tree and read The Three Trees story together.

We told the kids that this tree will, hopefully, grow tall and strong just like them. But they need to be cared for, watered, protected along the way.

It was a great day. Here’s some photos of our first spring in our new place and my helper, Isaak. We are so blessed and thank God daily for giving us such an amazing place to live and raise our kids.

11203156_10150841317804953_5682834123586920582_n 11209578_10150841317929953_7768557765100254705_n 11209763_10150841478194953_8949890233998485615_n 11229407_10150841477964953_8279226954431786481_n

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