Traditional Worship: Do I miss it?

I was raised Lutheran, educated Baptist, attended a non-denominational megachurch for 10 years, served in a small Methodist church, organized a missional (emerging style) youth movement that met in my living room, served a moderate sized Evangelical Covenant before planting a MainStreet Covenant Church that feels like a mix of all of these most days.  I have experienced all worship styles — liturgical and non-liturgical, organs and electric guitars, pews and theater seats, sanctuaries and auditoriums, pastors in robes and Hawaiian shirts.  Just call me a denominational mutt with convictions.

I liked this video.  It was good for me to watch — lest I look down on my more traditional styled worship experience of my Lutheran upbringing. What do you think of this church’s style?  What are your impressions?

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  1. mike says:

    always interesting to see how churches maneuver to position themselves. the church in this video proposes to offer an “oasis” in the midst of this crazed culture. others claim to be “real” or “relevant”. my dad used to say, “my church doesn’t have walls” and i understand what he was driving at. church “style” only matters to the degree that it serves to effectively connect people to god. if, on the other hand, style is what people are actually connecting to then it’s time to tear those walls down.

    1. Jeremy Berg says:

      “if style is what people are connecting to, then it’s time to tear those walls down.”

      Very well put. AMEN!

  2. Daniel Kent says:

    I love organ music and traditional hymnals. But, for the most part, I do not enjoy the music portion of the church equation. I strategically arrive at my pew just as the songs are ending.

  3. david e brown says:

    it is interesting that the church that is rooted in the ancient traditions of lutheranism, are using a very trendy video, with interviews pretty much exclusively of younger families. it is marketing their brand of church. that is ok with me, but lets call it what it is. it is very well done and will be attractive to some. i am always confused by the LCMS brand of lutheranism, and the fact that so many of their churches are named “Grace”…i have found little grace in the LCMS and was even told that all methodists are going to hell…hmmmmmm

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