Alarm Clock Devos

Alarm Clock: Reflections on Spiritual Awakening

In the “Alarm Clock” series Jeremy offers some spiritual lessons and biblical insights from the all-too-familiar process of waking up.  This excerpt is called “Christmas Gifts & Final Exams.” Enjoy!

Six-o-clock.  The alarm has sounded.  The sun is peeking through the half-raised shade, piercing your squinting eyes as you roll over to hit the snooze bar for a third time.  It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what language you speak, or how old you are, the morning ritual is a universal experience.  Waking up is rarely easy.  

There are countless explanations for why we might pull down the shade, hide under the covers, and reach for the snooze bar one last time.  For some, the rising of the sun just marks another routine day, another hectic rush hour commute to a job we are fed up with.  Others timidly roll out to face new and scary challenges: the first day on the job, at a new school, an important exam or interview, or getting test results back from the doctor.  Most of us are simply sleep-deprived and battling our body’s natural way of reminding us to go to bed earlier at night.  

There is a brighter side to waking up as well.   Think back for a moment to the Christmas mornings of your childhood.  Can you recall the surge of excitement and anticipation oozing through your veins?  Sugarplums and ferries danced wildly in your head preventing you from drifting off into a mid-winter’s rest. Wonderful surprises awaited the break of dawn, where new gifts wrapped in shiny paper and colored bow awaited their sudden rapture.   Alarms are unnecessary on mornings like this.  The bubbling excitement of Christmases past is hard to recapture now that we have grown up. 

But we still occasionally get a taste of that euphoric childlike anticipation on the eve of an exciting event—say our wedding or the beginning of a long spring break vacation in the Bahamas.    The fact is this: when the new day ushers in fresh opportunities, and the rising sun signals new adventures filled with wonderful surprises, waking up suddenly takes on new meaning.  It becomes a joy-filled experience for which we can hardly wait.  The morning bird suddenly sings a happy tune.   Rise and shine!  It’s wake up time!  The day is ripe for the picking.   Read full series here.

Reflection Questions:

1. What’s your typical wake up pattern?  Do you get up easily on your own?  Do you use an alarm?  Does someone wake you up?  

2. Do you look forward to the new day?  Do you dread getting up?  Do you wish you could stay in bed?  Ask God to help you identify exactly why you hesitate to wake up.  

3. Can you think of a morning that couldn’t come fast enough?  Do you have memories of Christmas morning excitement?  Would it be great to be that excited for every new day God gives you?  Pray that God would show you the gift He has waiting for you each and every new day!

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