This Old House 4: Winter Wonderland

As we prepare to move houses soon we are sharing some memories from our little house on Cedar Lane. -JB

Let’s be honest. When it’s December in Minnesota, below zero, the snow is falling and Christmas time is approaching, there’s no where more cozy than a little old farmhouse with a real wood burning fireplace and the smell of cookies in the oven.

We absolutely loved our little house in the winter time. Picking out our Christmas tree, decorating the trees inside and out, and sitting by a crackling fire. Priceless.

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 9.21.31 PMIt took me a few years to finally get the woodpile easily accessible instead of stomping through snow to the side of the house. Uncle Brent scored big points with me when he started bringing a load of wood down for Christmas the past couple years. We made a few snowmen, but didn’t have a good sledding yard….but our new house will make up for that! :)

It’s really going to be hard to match the coziness of our little house on the hill in our new bigger house on a bigger hill. I’m glad to say we will have another wood burning fireplace (an essential in my book).

We certainly will not mind having a garage come this winter. Our little old house lacked a garage which inspired us to both get remote starters for our cars and that really helped.


Finally, yes, I admit it. We never put a high priority on shoveling our little parking space (not technically a driveway). I’m sure the neighbors were always laughing at the huge pile/wall of snow between our two car spaces. In our defense, you try shoveling snow and throwing it over a four foot retaining wall with another 2 feet of snow — that’s tossing snow up 6 feet. Funny story: A neighbor in need offered to blow our driveway for some money to help buy his wife a 417348_499501719952_44011753_nChristmas gift. Halfway through, he knocked on the door and said, “Hey, you sure got a lot of rocks on your driveway! They’re shooting out the blower at the neighbor’s cars.” My response: “Uh, that’s because its a gravel driveway!” Neighbor: “Ooops.”

Well, farewell little house with the red door. We hope someone else will enjoy your warmth and coziness this coming Christmas season.

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